Monday, September 12, 2016

Everyday Is an Occasion

Happy Monday!

In the Era I was raised in, certain things were reserved for special occasions or specific days; the Special Living Room, certain dinnerware, special meals, specific clothes and shoes, trips to the park, gifts, etc.

I'm glad times have changed. Special Living Rooms have become family rooms and home offices, fine china is hardly purchased and gifts are now bought regularly, not just for birthdays and Christmas.

For me this shift in perspective is about Living on Purpose; being intentional and realizing that every day is  privilege and a gift. Now, I'm not suggesting that you wear your party dress to the corner store, this is more about attitude.

Stop saving get togethers for the weekend, how about a Tuesday night? Start buying flowers just because! Monday night dinner by candlelight, drinking juice from a wine glass or skipping out on one night of extra curricula activities and have a picnic in the family room or better yet at the lake in your comfy vehicle or at a picnic  table when the weather is better!


Life is too short, Live on Purpose today!

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