Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Alone but Not Lonely

In 1971 Gilbert O'Sullivan wrote on iconic hit called Alone Again. Strangely, this whimsical sounding song, contained lyrics about sadness and despair. As a child I sang along to this tune ignorant to its true meaning. Although he spoke about being alone, I think the song was about being lonely; there is a difference.

Aloneness is a state of being, a choice or due to circumstances. There is usually not a feeling of void or required presence of someone else. There is comfort and ease; contentment in being in your own space. Loneliness  is a sense  of  unwelcomed detachment from others, feeling of despair,  even rejection. Loneliness can be felt in a crowd, with others or even within the company of loved ones. It can be the result of situational factors such as moving to a new job or country or it can be  psychological.

We all experience either situation, both have opportunities for personal growth. Time spent without the presence or connection with others can be a time for self reflection and assessment. During either time what are your feelings about yourself and others? What can you do to change your circumstance? What is good and bad about it? How did you arrive into this situation? What have you learned about yourself?

Most inventions and great achievements have been birthed in times of solace. There is something symbiotic about personal quietness that can allow the mind to explore it's potential. If you are lonely or alone you're in the perfect place to achieve greatness!

Be blessed!

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