Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Effective Weight Loss in 30 days Without Counting Calories!

I've figured out the best way, bar none, to lose maximum weight in the shortest period of time.

Here's the diet plan; take one or two stressful major life events, concurrently or one right after the other, add despair fear and uncertainty liberally; take away any thoughts of hope or thankfullness.

Maximum weight loss becomes very effective if you prolong this negative feeling over one month since it will usually create a loss of appetite accompanied by diarrhea,  headache and sleeplessness.

I've known people who have lost over 20 pounds at least in 30 days; very few diets can accomplish this. Granted,  friends and family may believe that you have a physical illness but it's just a psychological thing; it's amazing what worry can do!

Now, keep in mind,  any positive thoughts or hopefulness will not allow you to maximize the weight loss during this period so stay in that negative frame of mind, keep company with negative friends who will remind you of your problems and, oh yes,  listen to very sad music and tadaa,  instant weight loss without even really trying!

Good luck, or should I wish you...... bad luck!

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