Sunday, November 29, 2015

If you Flatline...You're Dead!

I was speaking to a friend about a problem I was having.  She told me that, when you go to the hospital emergency, they check your heart to see how it's beating; if the line is moving up and down you're good; if it flatlines,  you're dead; we don't want to flatline.

Life is like your heart beat on the monitor; it has ups and downs. The Bible says, "In this life you WILL have trouble".

The problem are the 'flatliners'. They are people who believe that  life should be easy without its inevitable ups and downs. This translates into their constant analysis paralysis of  their life and the people in it. Their quest for the perfect spouse, job,, leaves them with a  sense of dissatisfaction.

They tirelessly evaluate what they have against the perfect life imagined in their mind. They make choices based solely on their needs and wants irrespective of the collateral damage that their decisions cause on the lives of others and they are anaware of the environment they create by their perpetual unhappiness.

Choose to ride the waves of your life and be content. Choose to be thankful of the things and people in your life. The next time that you are going through a tumulturous life event remember your heart; if you flatline you're dead.

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