Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One Red Dot

I'm reminded of a past visit to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario).

There was a a piece of artwork with a million White Dots that surrounded a single Red Dot. The Red Dot was the same size as all of the other White Dots, but for some reason my whole focus was on the single solitary Red Dot.

Isn't that the same with life events? There may only be a single Red Dot that comes our way,  but we tend to focus on it despite the opportunity represented by all of the White Dots in our life.

We must consciously choose to focus on the White Dots in our life so that we are not hindered by the one Solitary Red Dot event. This Red Dot in our life could be a sour relationship,  a job, child; anything we ascribe our full attention and  consequently our power.

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