Friday, November 27, 2015

Be The Super Hero in Your Own Life!

I love action movies.  The adventure,  the plot,  good guy verses bad guy.  All time favorite movie; The Matrix- first of the trilogy; "The One", (you'll get that if you love the movie).

Don't get me wrong, romance and comedy movies are good but I don't want to pay money to see someone cry on the big screen, unless it's just before they are rescued by the hero of the movie.

One day I began to think about why I am really into action movies. I realised that I enjoy them because they represent hope above all odds. The hero doesn't give up or quit; when things get rough, he gets tough. Using skill, intelligence, and undying perserverance, the hero, against insurmountable odds, IS victorious!

What's your life story right now? Are you the hero or the damsel in distress.  Its time to take off the pumps (unless its a Louboutin or Manolo) and get ready to rumble. No one else but you should star in the movie of your life,  no boyfriend, boss, child, parent, spouse, pet.... you get top billing and you must save the day;  your life depends on it!

What ever your dealing with today...Be The Super Hero in Your Own Life!

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