Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Follow Your GPS!

One day my daughter asked me to drop her off to a job interview in Scarborough.  I didn't know where it was so I used my GPS to get me there.  When I dropped her off I realized that I didn't know how to get home since I wasn't really paying attention to the street signs but rather,  I was turning left and right on command by my GPS.

I set it to go home. When I got to the hiway at I realized that I was fine and could make it home without the GPS. I decided to go to a shopping mall in another direction. One problem though,  I couldn't turn off my GPS when I got on the hiway.

The GPS  began to give me directions, "merge left, stay right, take the exit in 500 meters....". With every turn I made opposite to the instructions my GPS recalibrated to fix my error. I started getting mad, I wanted to go my own way but my GPS insisted on taking me home;  I tried desperately to turn it off but I needed to keep my eyes on the hiway.

When I reached the shopping mall and parked I was finally able to turn off the GPS,  I felt relieved. Afterwards I thought about how the GPS experience reminded me of our relationship with God; He has a direction for us to take  but sometimes we make plans to go another way.

As we go in our own plans He continually speaks to us, giving us the right directions  & as we make mistakes, He recalibrates to get us home in that still small voice. The next time that you use your GPS remember its God's Perfect Solution (GPS) for your life!

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