Monday, May 15, 2017

It's Time To Get Ready For Summer

Happy Monday!
I can't believe that the first long weekend of the summer is almost here.
Take some time this week to map out your summer activities; concerts, road trips, festivals, events, getaways, vacations, activities, great restaurants and picnics.
Planning a BBQ? Send out your 'Save The Dates' now, summer weekends are few and precious. On that note, don't leave all the fun for the weekend; Tuesday is the new Thursday and Thursday is the new the summer, every day and evening feels like a Saturday!

For starters check out:
150th anniversary of Canada

Most of all, have fun. The act of planning stimulates endorphins in your body; the 'feel good'  hormone that's great for your mind and body. The sunshine increases Vitamin D.
This is all about Finding Your Joy!
The summer count down is on☉

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