Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Few Smooth Stones

Goliath stood tall,  threatening and overbearing. He was head and shoulders above all of the army of  Isreal and they were afraid.

He could smell their fear as they hid behind the battle walls.

Then came David.

Ruddy, young...a little naive... What was Goliath shouting to the armies of Isreal...

'Oh no you di'nt'!

No armour, no training, no FEAR! Just God and 3 Smooth Stones...

Goliath didn't see him coming; you see his pride made him underestimate his enemy!

David RAN TOWARDS Goliath with surety, swinging his sling shot with precision taking direct  aim at Goliath...can you picture it?

Do you feel like the underdog? Is there a Goliath in your life taunting you right now?

It's time to pick up God and three smooth stones; disgust at the circumstance, courage, and unflinching faith! Keep your eye on the prize and start swinging!

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