Sunday, May 1, 2016

Accident or Destiny?

Recently I was visiting a friend. She didn't know I was coming so I was taking my chances.  When I got to her condo, a kind man let me in so she didn't know I was coming up on the elevator.

I was gabbing to a friend as I emerged in  her hallway and  began busily looking for her apartment number.  As I passed by a couple of people,  one of the items in the persons cart caught my coat. She immediately apologized;  as I began to say 'no problem', we both realized it was my friend that I came to visit who's stick poked me on my side.....that was close;  I almost missed her.

I couldn't believe it.  If that accident didn't happen she would have gone on the elevator while I was knocking on her door. 

Isn't life like that,  sometimes what we think is an accident is actually part of our destiny. By gabbing on the phone I almost missed it; sometimes were just too busy to notice.

We laughed and hugged...when we figured it out.....

Accident or Destiny?

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