Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shame Is The Backside of Pride

A friend and I were talking about shame. Shame is a feeling of inner humiliation related to one's own actions or something done to you. It can make you feel embarrassed,  distressed and  hopeless.

Shame is often cultivated in abusive relationships that continually diminish your sense of value and worth therefore promoting a continual feeling of worthlessness. This is accomplished by exposing your mistakes or inadequacies as a means of control.

Do you suffer from a sense of shame about any area of your life?

Let it go!

Welcome to the human race! Every great person has suffered from shame either by something they did or something done to them; Moses, David, Oprah, Joyce Myers, Hilary Clinton,  James Earl Jones, Kevin Spacey.....the list goes on and on.

A friend showed me that pride can often keep us in shame., "Shame is the backside of fear" she said. Our decision not to expose our inadequacies due to the concern of "What will people think?" can leave us in shackles. It can also keep the 'shame' perpetrators in business.....oh, by the way, they know that pride is your weakness so you won't expose them.

Another good friend added, "Regarding the topic of shame. I believe that shame can have an immobilizing effect on our lives which in turn propels us to live in emotional and physical limbo. I also believe that shame is a loyal partner to fear which also immobilizes our lives ...."

Well said.

So.....pull a Joyce Myers and let it all out! Your courage might just be a blessing to someone....

Don't let your shame be in vain!

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