Monday, April 11, 2016

You're Almost Done....or Beginning!

So far,  so good. I trust that along this 21 Day Make Over you've learned a lot about yourself;  your commitment,  determination, strength and potential.

You've also learned what you need to improve about yourself,  not physically but mentally and emotionally.

Were there times when you sabotaged yourself? Bought foods that you knew you shouldn't eat, called that toxic friend to talk about junk or 'accidentally' forgot your running shoes so you couldn't go to the gym.......hmmmm.

The 21 Day Make-over will technically end in a couple of days but that's when it really begins. Have you formed good habits? Are you different from when you began? What is your thought, intellectual and spiritual life like now?

It's your life and you own it 100%, the good, the bad and the ugly....but choose the good!

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