Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life Lesson From The Garden ; Sometimes Weeds Look Like Beautiful Trees and Plants

Happy Monday!
As we are approaching Spring, yes Spring, my mind turns towards the garden...
Have you ever noticed that some weeds look just like great plants. They are vibrant, strong and sometimes even beautiful. It can be hard to discern which is which at times.
An avid gardener is able to tell quickly though. They waste no time plucking them out by the roots in fear that the weed will spread and infect the garden or use up the good nutrients in the soil so that good flowers have a harder time prospering. Avid gardeners don't get melancholy about the weeds beauty, they just do what needs to be done for the greater good.
Weeds can be likened to toxic relationships; they appear to be vibrant and strong but if kept, like the weed, they can destroy your prosperity by draining your time, energy and positive disposition.
You are known by your friendships. Is there someone in your circle that comes to mind right now, who affects you in a negative way? When you think of them, is your first thought critical or uneasy? Has their influence added challenges to your life? If yes, ask God to gently move them out of your life without a fight, argument or disagreement, just in love and peace.
People are in our lives for a reason, season or lifetime; choose them carefully, they can affect  how beautiful your garden grows!
It's almost Spring....Live On Purpose!

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