Monday, March 20, 2017

My Perfectly Imperfect Life!

Happy Monday!
Happy First Day of Spring🌷

I give up! So tired of trying to make imperfect matters of life look perfect. There's nothing like the disappointments and difficult times in life to pull you off the airy fairy pedestal down to ground level....maybe even the basement.

When you're down there in the basement  looking up you begin to realize that there's a lot of people down there...

It's part of life's practicum.

That's where you learn a lot about yourself and others; the good, bad and the ugly. You learn about love, resiliency, what makes you afraid, people who support you and just how strong you really are...

The key is not to stay in the basement  too long. You don't want  to get too comfortable, start setting up house; buying a new rug and stacking the fridge.

We ALL live imperfect matter what it looks like on the outside. Everyone of us has made mistakes, doesn't like something about ourselves, wish we had done things differently or not where we'd like to be....

Importantly, make those difficult times and disappointments your platform for a greater life. Rather than becoming dissolutioned become illusioned about what those experiences have taught you; how you will become greater AS A RESULT of it, not in spite of it.

Your Perfectly Imperfect Life is what makes you real and even great if you use those experiences to create strength in yourself and invest it in others when they are weak.

Begin to embrace your Perfectly Imperfect Life, make the necessary changes, forgive yourself and others but commit to loving hard along the journey starting with yourself!

Love your Perfectly Imperfect Life.

There's 92 Days before Summer!

Live On Purpose!

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