Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Picnic Basket

Happy Monday!
A couple years ago I started carrying a picnic basket on my back seat...not just in the summer but year round.
I love to pack it and go for drives or just sit by the lake with a nice treat, Thermos, lantern; day or evening.
There's something special about packing a basket. It forces you to take time for you or you and someone else
Now, I know we have winter BUT have you ever driven your car and parked by the water on a windy, rainy or wintery day?
Try it. Bring a warm blanket, a Thermos of your favorite hot beverage, wrap yourself up, roll down your window and listen...it's amazing especially at night! Water crashing against the rocks and spraying  into the air!
I did this with a friend recently and she was in awe! So relaxing and exciting all at the same time.
About 4 years now I've started, "Dinner by the Lake" in the summer.  I pack a picnic and have Dinner by the Lake until it's dark. We sit under the stars with only lamp light and.......mosquito repellent of course
I've done this on the beach too. It's magnificent to look up to the stars late at night while you toes are caressing the sand on a warm summer night!
I guess what I'm saying is....Find Your Joy! For me it's my basket? For you its.....
Life is about creating moments of joy to appreciate life. These Joy  moments serve as wonderful reflection opportunities when you're going through challenging times.
Life's too short...
Live On Purpose!

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