Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Is a Test of The Emergency Broadcast System

Happy Monday!
Doesn't it just bug you when you're watching a perfectly good program on T.V.  and the Emergency Broadcast System signal interrupts without warning?
Brother, just as you were watching your favorite show! You can't even turn the channel, it stops everything and you're forced to watch and listen to what to do 'if this was a real emergency'. Then comes that annoying tone that drones on for an  eternity; relentless.
What a relief when it stops and you can go back to watching your show...
Isn't life like that. You go along life nice and easy and then someone or something 'interrupts' it causing some type of issue that you didn't plan for or expect,  just when you wanted to go on living with no (more) problems.
Like that alarm warning on the T.V., 'interruptions' are a test of your emergency response system. It makes you stop. It makes you think. It makes you plan. It makes you act. These life tests create a pause in the flow of your life, allow you to reflect and then make decisions which will change your life.
Truthfully life is not a straight line but a series of ups and downs. You can't change the channel when issues arise. These ups and downs build two essential life muscles, strength and resiliency even though you didn't know that was happening during your crisis.
At the end, you're like superman, all buffed and shiny. When people have problems and you soar through the skies to come to their rescue, they wonder how you can be so strong, wise and calm. With hands on your hips, cape flying in the wind, muscled legs firmly apart, lips parted with a smile as a sparkle reflects off your teeth;  you can help because you've been there, done that!
Every interruption is a test, a test of who you are; your character, your integrity, your je ne sais quoi!
So the next time your interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System just chuckle and think of Your life, you're going to make it!
This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.....
Live On Purpose!

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