Tuesday, March 22, 2016

21 Day Body, Mind and Spirit Make-over

Okay, Spring is officially here and, if you're like me, you've began to imagine warm summer nights, the smell of rain, long drives,  evenings by the lake and the sound of jazz music floating through the air.
I also began to think that the first quarter of the year is also done, seems like I was just singing Old Lang Syne; what have I accomplished so far? Hmmmm.
Have you ever wanted to make over your life? I mean truly change it. This is more than dropping a few pounds; it's about reinventing yourself;  body, mind and spirit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit; what habit would you like to create in your life?
Join me on my  21 Day Make Over; Body, Mind  and Spirit starting today,  March 22nd. No worries if you catch this late, you can start your 21 days at any time just go back to the start date of this Blog and follow along daily.
Why body, mind and spirit? Because they're all partners;  they work together. If you decide to lose weight, your body will have to cooperate by not putting the wrong thing in your mouth and your mind and spirit must be in agreement that this would be a good thing for you to do. This is a holistic change.
So here's the plan:
I. First, set a goal for what you commit to achieve in 21 days. There should be an individual goal for each area; body, mind and spirit. Write them down.
II.  Purchase all the items that you need to be successful according to your specific goals in each area. This may include food, books, C D'SOUZA, etc.The more organized you are your potential for success increases.
III.  Create a large calendar to plan, mark off each day as completed, make notes about successes and need to improve areas; place in a visible area such as your fridge. Try to focus on all of the positive accomplishments that you made each day.
This commitment is about healthy eating and exercise.  Whether you just make a decision to eat healthy or begin a specific regimen like a Daniel Diet;  be intentional about what goes in your mouth for 21 days. Do the research on good food plans and commit to it for 21 days.
On the physical side; commit to daily exercise. This can be done by walking, joining a club, taking dance lessons, hiring a personal trainer, etc.
Commit to intellectual enhancement. Fast from excessive social activities,  television and telecommunications.  With the time you save, invest in an online learning program, book or activity that will imcrease your knowledge in an area of interest.
Make a commitment to positive thinking and activities for 21 days. This may also involve weaning yourself from negative or stressful relationships.
Deepen your spiritual life. Commit to meditation,  reading, and praying daily. Read books, listen to music and watch movies with a spiritual content to improve your spiritual well-being.
Check in to this blog daily as we do this 21 Day Make Over to improve our lives together.
Also remember to purchase AWAKENING TO REINVENTION available April 2016.
For more information see:
Be blessed!

Day 1 with my personal trainer Coach Everton McEwan of McEwan's Pro Street Gym. 
Find him on Facebook, 416-629-0883, evertonmcewan@hotmail.com

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