Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Great Breakfast Adventure

As part of my, Find Your Joy challenges,  this past winter I decided that, once a month, on the weekends I would seek out lovely breakfast restaurants to have a lovely early morning breakfast.

I love going for breakfast. It's a wonderful way to welcome in a new day. There's something about seeing the night turn into day; watching the sunrise over a hot cup of tea, bacon and eggs while per rousing over a great read (book, magazine, newspaper).

I love to people watch. There's a specific culture of people who do this early morning breakfast;  you'll see them if you go early enough. They are not always with someone else but if they are they're usually quiet both leaning back and reading,  they take their time to eat, I've never seen them on their cells, they stop often to look outside, they know the staff by name, they often leave before the breakfast crowd get there. 

Breakfast meals are relatively inexpensive and you can be health wise if you want by choosing nutritious options like oatmeal or fruit but what I live most is the adventure of finding new places!

A Few of My Favorite's:
🍳 Flips in Brampton
🍳 Angel's Diner in Georgetown
🍳 Cafe Plus in Mississauga
🍳 The Falls Inn Restaurant in Walters Falls
🍳 Emma's Back Door Brunch in Burlington
🍳 The Red Onion in Caledon
🍳 The Old Stone Inn in Niagara Falls

My breakfast pursuit involved finding mum and pop restaurants in neighborhoods, visiting quaint towns,  suburbs,  cities, etc. You know, the small 50 year old diners that they know the name of the patrons, ones with menus on chalkboards on the walls,  not so perfect decor, the greasy spoon, or lovely ones in the country by the water or in busy metropolises,  etc.

On this 21 Day Make Over enJOY your life.


Breakfast at Flips in Brampton! 

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