Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrate You This Mother's Day

Special occasions like Mother's Day can be wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

Celebrations bring expectations. These expectations come from us, the media,  family and friends. Sometimes others just don't get it,  they are busy or they simply don't regard the event as we do.

I would like to encourage you to celebrate yourself. Don't wait for someone else if nothing seems to be happening. You need to know your value and worth irrespective of those in your life.

By the way,  do you notice that for Father's Day, men are encouraged to take the day for themselves by fishing, golfing or watching T.V. while women are encouraged to spend the day with their children;  is that for real or is it my imagination?

Do what makes YOU happy and let the family know that you're not available if that is what you want.

Make it a Happy Mother's Day, you're the Best!🌹

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Great Breakfast Adventure

About a month ago I mentioned my Breakfast Adventure; become a breakfast critique once a month and check out someplace new.
Spring is here! Go alone with a great book or headphones & good tunes or just people watch....bring a friend or two, whatever brings you joy.
Start out at daybreak or go for brunch! Breakfast is one of the most affordable meals; usually under $10 gives you a hearty breakfast with refillable coffee.
Off Beaten Track;  Loraine's Piks:
George Street Diner, Toronto
Cookie Crumble, Kleinburg
Dundas Street Grill, Toronto
The Red Onion, Caledon

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Going Through Transition!

Have you ever had a difficult season in your life that totally wrecks your sleeping schedule. Have you found yourself waking up at all hours of the night thinking....thinking....thinking😕

I look at these times as periods in transition. Transition is about change but I'm talking about the transition that you experience when you are in labour. During this time the pain is the most intense. Unlike the earlier stages of labour when the pain is minutes apart,  when you are in transition the pain has no reprieve and it is layered; this is when your uterus is contracting the most; just before the baby is born.

I've learned during these times in my life to go with the rhythm of your body. Instead of fighting with yourself because you can't sleep; move with it. Plan for those times by placing a good book beside you, watch an uplifting T.V. program or movie even bake a cake...when you plan  for it, your body and mind begins to relax instead of struggle because of the lack off sleep countdown. That happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and begin to count how many hours you have until it's time to get up.

By your beside place your books, computer,  nightlight, maybe even a thermos of hot chocolate and a cookie.

If you have constant insomnia,  you should see your health professional but if it is specifically related to an event in your life, accept it as  unique time and acknowkedge that your body is naturally responding to the psysiological impact of the circumstance.

Give yourself permission to go through this season with its changes; ups and downs. By doing this, you will place less stress on your mind and body.

After this season you will discover much about yourself and the world; how your body responds to crisis,  what are your support systems, what makes you feel better in challenging times...what's on T.V.  at 3am.

The good news is, it will pass and, as with transition in labour,  it will birth something new.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Few Smooth Stones

Goliath stood tall,  threatening and overbearing. He was head and shoulders above all of the army of  Isreal and they were afraid.

He could smell their fear as they hid behind the battle walls.

Then came David.

Ruddy, young...a little naive... What was Goliath shouting to the armies of Isreal...

'Oh no you di'nt'!

No armour, no training, no FEAR! Just God and 3 Smooth Stones...

Goliath didn't see him coming; you see his pride made him underestimate his enemy!

David RAN TOWARDS Goliath with surety, swinging his sling shot with precision taking direct  aim at Goliath...can you picture it?

Do you feel like the underdog? Is there a Goliath in your life taunting you right now?

It's time to pick up God and three smooth stones; disgust at the circumstance, courage, and unflinching faith! Keep your eye on the prize and start swinging!

Accident or Destiny?

Recently I was visiting a friend. She didn't know I was coming so I was taking my chances.  When I got to her condo, a kind man let me in so she didn't know I was coming up on the elevator.

I was gabbing to a friend as I emerged in  her hallway and  began busily looking for her apartment number.  As I passed by a couple of people,  one of the items in the persons cart caught my coat. She immediately apologized;  as I began to say 'no problem', we both realized it was my friend that I came to visit who's stick poked me on my side.....that was close;  I almost missed her.

I couldn't believe it.  If that accident didn't happen she would have gone on the elevator while I was knocking on her door. 

Isn't life like that,  sometimes what we think is an accident is actually part of our destiny. By gabbing on the phone I almost missed it; sometimes were just too busy to notice.

We laughed and hugged...when we figured it out.....

Accident or Destiny?

Shame Is The Backside of Pride

A friend and I were talking about shame. Shame is a feeling of inner humiliation related to one's own actions or something done to you. It can make you feel embarrassed,  distressed and  hopeless.

Shame is often cultivated in abusive relationships that continually diminish your sense of value and worth therefore promoting a continual feeling of worthlessness. This is accomplished by exposing your mistakes or inadequacies as a means of control.

Do you suffer from a sense of shame about any area of your life?

Let it go!

Welcome to the human race! Every great person has suffered from shame either by something they did or something done to them; Moses, David, Oprah, Joyce Myers, Hilary Clinton,  James Earl Jones, Kevin Spacey.....the list goes on and on.

A friend showed me that pride can often keep us in shame., "Shame is the backside of fear" she said. Our decision not to expose our inadequacies due to the concern of "What will people think?" can leave us in shackles. It can also keep the 'shame' perpetrators in business.....oh, by the way, they know that pride is your weakness so you won't expose them.

Another good friend added, "Regarding the topic of shame. I believe that shame can have an immobilizing effect on our lives which in turn propels us to live in emotional and physical limbo. I also believe that shame is a loyal partner to fear which also immobilizes our lives ...."

Well said.

So.....pull a Joyce Myers and let it all out! Your courage might just be a blessing to someone....

Don't let your shame be in vain!