Monday, August 28, 2017

Finding Joy!

It's Time to Exhale!
One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to do a Road Trip. I love hitting the road, map in one hand, destination in the other. There's something about spending time on the road in great conversation, good music and also in your own thoughts that you just can't get on a plane.
So, I did it. Just like that; I woke up one morning and decided it was time to get back on the road; set the destination  in one day. Got a map, filled my Thermos with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee,  jumped into the Sahara,  Jazz CD's,  and headed to Cape Cod.
The Enroute Gas, food stops and Cracker Barrels became like Light House Beacons, calling drivers of the Interstate highways to fill up, stretch and grab a fresh cup of hot coffee for the journey ahead!
This was living the dream for me. Although I loved road trips I had given them up, but that day I realized that I  had made up my mind that my life was mine to live.
Hyannis, Province Town,  Martha's Vineyard, sand dunes, cedar houses, lobster and crab cakes, mmmmm.
Life Lesson; enjoy your life, it is a Blessing!
Live On Purpose!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Travelling Music

It's Time To Exhale!
Whenever I travel on a long Road Trip I like to have a few things along; a Thermos, a map and good music. It seems that when I'm travelling on those long roads, certain songs permeate my journey. I just know that in the future, when I hear that particular music, I'll remember exactly where I was when I was listening to it and the joy it brought me. Whether on the I-90, 407, 401....where ever! 
Music  compells the senses and crystallizes memories.
Another great thing to listen to are audio  books and stories. On a few trips we took old radio shows like The Flash, Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone....amazing! They bring out your imagination through sound and dialog.
Finding Your Joy is a self discovery  journey unique to you. It's not about your parents, spouse, child, or friends. It's essential to good emotional and physical  health.
If you like to drive, then plan a trip now and go for it. Visit a friend, family, re-visit or find someplace new that you always wanted to go to.  Take someone along and enjoy wonderful conversations.  The act of planning will bring you joy, excitement and increase those feel good endorphins!
Live  On Purpose!