Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life Lesson From The Garden II: You Can't Cover Weeds With Cedar Mulch

Happy Monday!

It's so lovely to see a beautiful garden; one that has been cared for and maintained.  Beautiful, bright vivid colors of blooms contrasted with lush shades of green and dark brown earth.

However, no matter how nice your garden is, you will always get weeds. Vigilant gardeners regularly survey their gardens and pull weeds out from the root.

One major mistake is to attempt to cover the earth with mulch without pulling weeds or laying landscape cloth. If you miss these important steps it you will have weeds growing through your mulch and you will have to constantly move the mulch aside.

Removing the weeds and laying landscape cloth then adding soil and mulch will greatly reduce weeds although I am amazed to see the odd weed poke through.

This is like life, the more you anticipate and prepare, the more successful you will be. Although there are no 100% guarantees, your chances for success are higher.

Measure twice, cut once.

Live On Purpose!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Everyday Is an Occasion

Happy Monday!

In the Era I was raised in, certain things were reserved for special occasions or specific days; the Special Living Room, certain dinnerware, special meals, specific clothes and shoes, trips to the park, gifts, etc.

I'm glad times have changed. Special Living Rooms have become family rooms and home offices, fine china is hardly purchased and gifts are now bought regularly, not just for birthdays and Christmas.

For me this shift in perspective is about Living on Purpose; being intentional and realizing that every day is  privilege and a gift. Now, I'm not suggesting that you wear your party dress to the corner store, this is more about attitude.

Stop saving get togethers for the weekend, how about a Tuesday night? Start buying flowers just because! Monday night dinner by candlelight, drinking juice from a wine glass or skipping out on one night of extra curricula activities and have a picnic in the family room or better yet at the lake in your comfy vehicle or at a picnic  table when the weather is better!


Life is too short, Live on Purpose today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Happy Monday!

Have you've even been Happy-Sad. That's a time when you are happy despite sad circumstances in your life.

You're sad when you're children have left home for good but happy to come home to a beautifully clean home.

You're happy that you're no longer in school but your sad because you no longer have an achievement to aim for.

That's all Happy-Sad; experiencing both emotions almost simultaneously.

The next time that you're in that Happy-sad moment hang on to the Happy if you can; picture it, feel it, embody it so that you can recall that Happy memory in times of sadness, it will feed your soul.

Live On Purpose!

The Revelation

One evening I was watching one of my favorite shows on HGTV and enjoying it. I was thinking of how great it was that they were living their dream doing renos on T.V. and hosting a home and garden show. Then it occurred to me; while I was watching them, I wasn't living my dream.

Just think of it, spending that hour watching them got me no further to my dream, maybe even a little behind. After all, was I going to  buy that house? Spend $50,000 to renovate or redecorate like that? Buy, sell & flip homes like that while I was watching that show?


Shows are great for ideas but also great time wasters. As we idealize others lives while ours are slipping away into time.

Anything  worth anything is hard work....kind of like what they are doing on T.V.

It's time to turn off the T.V. and begin to live your dream a day at a time.

Happy Monday!

💡Have you created a Vision Board for your life? Life Matters can help you do it!

Send me an email at Info@mylifematters.ca so you can get started Living Your Dream!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrate You This Mother's Day

Special occasions like Mother's Day can be wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

Celebrations bring expectations. These expectations come from us, the media,  family and friends. Sometimes others just don't get it,  they are busy or they simply don't regard the event as we do.

I would like to encourage you to celebrate yourself. Don't wait for someone else if nothing seems to be happening. You need to know your value and worth irrespective of those in your life.

By the way,  do you notice that for Father's Day, men are encouraged to take the day for themselves by fishing, golfing or watching T.V. while women are encouraged to spend the day with their children;  is that for real or is it my imagination?

Do what makes YOU happy and let the family know that you're not available if that is what you want.

Make it a Happy Mother's Day, you're the Best!🌹

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Great Breakfast Adventure

About a month ago I mentioned my Breakfast Adventure; become a breakfast critique once a month and check out someplace new.
Spring is here! Go alone with a great book or headphones & good tunes or just people watch....bring a friend or two, whatever brings you joy.
Start out at daybreak or go for brunch! Breakfast is one of the most affordable meals; usually under $10 gives you a hearty breakfast with refillable coffee.
Off Beaten Track;  Loraine's Piks:
George Street Diner, Toronto
Cookie Crumble, Kleinburg
Dundas Street Grill, Toronto
The Red Onion, Caledon

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Going Through Transition!

Have you ever had a difficult season in your life that totally wrecks your sleeping schedule. Have you found yourself waking up at all hours of the night thinking....thinking....thinking😕

I look at these times as periods in transition. Transition is about change but I'm talking about the transition that you experience when you are in labour. During this time the pain is the most intense. Unlike the earlier stages of labour when the pain is minutes apart,  when you are in transition the pain has no reprieve and it is layered; this is when your uterus is contracting the most; just before the baby is born.

I've learned during these times in my life to go with the rhythm of your body. Instead of fighting with yourself because you can't sleep; move with it. Plan for those times by placing a good book beside you, watch an uplifting T.V. program or movie even bake a cake...when you plan  for it, your body and mind begins to relax instead of struggle because of the lack off sleep countdown. That happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and begin to count how many hours you have until it's time to get up.

By your beside place your books, computer,  nightlight, maybe even a thermos of hot chocolate and a cookie.

If you have constant insomnia,  you should see your health professional but if it is specifically related to an event in your life, accept it as  unique time and acknowkedge that your body is naturally responding to the psysiological impact of the circumstance.

Give yourself permission to go through this season with its changes; ups and downs. By doing this, you will place less stress on your mind and body.

After this season you will discover much about yourself and the world; how your body responds to crisis,  what are your support systems, what makes you feel better in challenging times...what's on T.V.  at 3am.

The good news is, it will pass and, as with transition in labour,  it will birth something new.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Few Smooth Stones

Goliath stood tall,  threatening and overbearing. He was head and shoulders above all of the army of  Isreal and they were afraid.

He could smell their fear as they hid behind the battle walls.

Then came David.

Ruddy, young...a little naive... What was Goliath shouting to the armies of Isreal...

'Oh no you di'nt'!

No armour, no training, no FEAR! Just God and 3 Smooth Stones...

Goliath didn't see him coming; you see his pride made him underestimate his enemy!

David RAN TOWARDS Goliath with surety, swinging his sling shot with precision taking direct  aim at Goliath...can you picture it?

Do you feel like the underdog? Is there a Goliath in your life taunting you right now?

It's time to pick up God and three smooth stones; disgust at the circumstance, courage, and unflinching faith! Keep your eye on the prize and start swinging!

Accident or Destiny?

Recently I was visiting a friend. She didn't know I was coming so I was taking my chances.  When I got to her condo, a kind man let me in so she didn't know I was coming up on the elevator.

I was gabbing to a friend as I emerged in  her hallway and  began busily looking for her apartment number.  As I passed by a couple of people,  one of the items in the persons cart caught my coat. She immediately apologized;  as I began to say 'no problem', we both realized it was my friend that I came to visit who's stick poked me on my side.....that was close;  I almost missed her.

I couldn't believe it.  If that accident didn't happen she would have gone on the elevator while I was knocking on her door. 

Isn't life like that,  sometimes what we think is an accident is actually part of our destiny. By gabbing on the phone I almost missed it; sometimes were just too busy to notice.

We laughed and hugged...when we figured it out.....

Accident or Destiny?

Shame Is The Backside of Pride

A friend and I were talking about shame. Shame is a feeling of inner humiliation related to one's own actions or something done to you. It can make you feel embarrassed,  distressed and  hopeless.

Shame is often cultivated in abusive relationships that continually diminish your sense of value and worth therefore promoting a continual feeling of worthlessness. This is accomplished by exposing your mistakes or inadequacies as a means of control.

Do you suffer from a sense of shame about any area of your life?

Let it go!

Welcome to the human race! Every great person has suffered from shame either by something they did or something done to them; Moses, David, Oprah, Joyce Myers, Hilary Clinton,  James Earl Jones, Kevin Spacey.....the list goes on and on.

A friend showed me that pride can often keep us in shame., "Shame is the backside of fear" she said. Our decision not to expose our inadequacies due to the concern of "What will people think?" can leave us in shackles. It can also keep the 'shame' perpetrators in business.....oh, by the way, they know that pride is your weakness so you won't expose them.

Another good friend added, "Regarding the topic of shame. I believe that shame can have an immobilizing effect on our lives which in turn propels us to live in emotional and physical limbo. I also believe that shame is a loyal partner to fear which also immobilizes our lives ...."

Well said.

So.....pull a Joyce Myers and let it all out! Your courage might just be a blessing to someone....

Don't let your shame be in vain!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reflection on Life!

Last week a musical superstar, Prince- formally known as, passed away suddenly; the end of an Era.

I remember his curly, waving hair swinging in the wind as he played his music and dared to be authentic.

With no children to pass on his empire, I suppose there will be a time of great reward for those he held dear in his life.

Upon hearing the news I was reminded that life is fleeting for  all of us...LIVE WELL!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thursday is The New Friday!

Have you noticed that Thursdays have become the new Fridays. Around town you see restaurants filled with guests, theatres bustling with patrons, coffee shops to capacity and, on warm evenings, people heading to the lake.

I see a trend, you're not saving it all for the weekend anymore and that's great. Living with joy means that you embrace each day and intentionally deposit good times and moments throughout your day and week; it makes life so much more lovely.

As the weather gets better, plan ahead; pull out your calendar and your rolodex, I mean cell phone and begin to plan for the week nights too. Joy and laughter bring good health to the body, mind and spirit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


There are two emotions that are the root to all emotions;  love & fear.

From love comes peace, kindness,  joy, contentment, happiness, etc. With fear comes doubt, anxiety, hate, unkindness,  worry, stress, etc. Both emotions create the life we are currently living.

F.E.A.R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Often we imagine the worse when we are in circumstances that are unknown and create our own endings! These endings include complete conversations,  behaviors and responses to events that haven't even happened. 

The trouble is that the human mind cannot differentiate between fact or fiction when we vividly play fear on the screen of our mind. It believes it exists and prepares the body for fight or flight psysiologically. 

Along with the psychological affect on you, F.E.A.R  will manifest a chemical reaction in your body to protect you from harm. This is good when  F.E.A.R is real but when it is imagined...often......daily.....without reprieve?

Science is catching up to the Bible. Phillipians 4:8 says:
"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

This will bring good health to your body and mind. Constant toxic thoughts lead to sickness of the mind and body.

Capture your thinking today. Don't allow it to float around in F.E.A.R.; meditate on good thoughts, good endings, solutions not problems; love not fear.

Reinvent your life today.  CHOOSE to live free from FEAR😊

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Monday~Taking a Sabbatical

When we think of a Sabbatical,  we often think about taking several months to a year away from our place of work to take a course or see the world.

According to Meetplango.com, - "The term sabbatical actually is derived from the biblical Sabbath which serves an ancient human need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation into a lifetime. Traditionally you'll find sabbaticals in academic careers, but they are not just for teachers anymore."

For most of us, that's a dream. One, we don't have a job where we can do that without quitting or getting fired.  Two, if we had that kind of job, we wouldn't have the money to cover us for that time. Three, if we had the time and the money,  we wouldn't know what to do when we were away and probably use that time to do more chores....

I believe that you can take a Sabbatical in different ways if you are unable to do the traditional method due to the  circumstances of your life. This sabbatical will involve change and commitment. 

As you read above,  a sabbatical is a period of rest and rejuvenation, but how do you do that here and now in your current life? This can be accomplished by making a determintion to fast from elements of your lifestyle socially and professionally such as extra committee work,  extra-curticular activities daily,  excessive social gatherings daily or weekly,  etc.

This is basically a time of aloneness,  not loneliness.  It's a choice not a sentence. This aloneness can be for a week, month or several and, like a sabbatical that you would take professionally, it should be well planned with a specific purpose and goal and your loved ones should be advised to enlist their support and reduce their worry.

Try to use vacation time during that  period to optimize your retreat from daily activities; if you are unable to do that, your time away from work, typically evenings and weekends, should be planned out with your sabbatical in mind. You can also utilize hotels, bed and breakfasts, a friends home or cottage for a short stay-cation to maximize your rest.

Periods of job lose can be reframed into a sabbatical;  while your looking for work, this is an excellent time to reflect, take a course or begin to envision your life differently; utilize some time away physically and/or socially to rejuvenate.

Step one, think about what you want to do and why. Two, advise family and friends so they dont go into panic mode wondering if you're alright; you will need their support particularly if you have a family and obligations to others. Three, make specific S.M.A.R.T. goals for that period of time and, four, commit to a plan of action. 

Be sure to journal written or audio during the time in order to reflect on your feelings, new ideas, revelations, plans and thoughts.

This time is about you and your life going forward.  Pay special attention to those in your life that state they are supporting you but subtly sabotage your efforts; somewhat like giving a person a slice of cake when they know they're on a diet.  This may point out their needs and enabling relationships which you may want to restructure.

If you are able to consider an actual sabbatical check out, www.careerbreak.com to begin to practically map out how it can happen for you.

At any time of your life you can begin to change it; there are no rules;  only the ones you make based on your own, or most often, others plans and expectations for your life!

Here's to new beginnings!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wrapping It Up!

YOU MADE IT! You've completed the 21 Day Make-Over. Congratulations🏆

It takes 21 days to make a habit so you're well on your way to your new life; Body, Mind and Spirit.

This is not the end but the beginning. You will be tempted  to go back to your old ways but don't,  you've worked too hard.

Over the 21 days, what have you learned about yourself; discipline, self control,  commitment.  Have you found your Joy?  Did you open your mind to intellectual pursuits?  Take your challenges and turn them into successes. 

Be committed to achieving new goals;  you can FLY!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting Ready For Summer?!

I had the most wonderful conversation with a friend about this coming summer.

He had already started planning all of his family trips both here and  abroad;  how exciting!

It's so great to have something to look forward to.

Take sometime in the next few days to do some planning of your own. Ontario Travel is a good start, check out Travel Zoo and Groupon; 6 weeks to bathing suit weather👙....just sayin'

Montreal Jazz Festival!

Monday, April 11, 2016

You're Almost Done....or Beginning!

So far,  so good. I trust that along this 21 Day Make Over you've learned a lot about yourself;  your commitment,  determination, strength and potential.

You've also learned what you need to improve about yourself,  not physically but mentally and emotionally.

Were there times when you sabotaged yourself? Bought foods that you knew you shouldn't eat, called that toxic friend to talk about junk or 'accidentally' forgot your running shoes so you couldn't go to the gym.......hmmmm.

The 21 Day Make-over will technically end in a couple of days but that's when it really begins. Have you formed good habits? Are you different from when you began? What is your thought, intellectual and spiritual life like now?

It's your life and you own it 100%, the good, the bad and the ugly....but choose the good!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

You Can't Make Me! The Mind

Why is it so hard to exercise? When it's time I think of any and every excuse not to do it; after all it's my body.

If I choose not to exercise,  it's my life not yours....

Hmmm,  are you plaqued with these thoughts? WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE! 

One of the hardest things to do is to discipline the mind to work towards meeting your goal.  Often it seems like it wants to sabotage your own very plans.

If you've exercised so far,  excellent;  we're almost finished the 21 Day Make-over.

The Best is yet to come!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

You Never Know When a Moment Will Become a Memory!

Yesterday,  I had a number of errands to run around town and I decided, at the last moment to invite a friend.

We  went from one end of the city to another talking and laughing about life; what a blessing!

At our last stop, downtown Toronto, we were in the nexus of rush hour traffic and we were faced with sitting in the car for a couple of hours and then my friend  suggested, 'Why don't we stop and grab some dessert and let the traffic go by'. Now if you spend time with me you know that  my motto is; life is too short, eat dessert first!


We stopped at the Grenadier Restaurant embedded amongst the trees in High Park. I was treated; we had Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, vanilla ice cream and tea; we sat and talked for a couple of hours, just over the 'rush' hour then took a scenic drive through Toronto!

By the way, why do they call it rush hour, it should be called slow hour; oops, I  digress!

AWAKENING TO REINVENTION is about creating those moments in the midst of your circumstances; finding lessons in the events along our life journey.  

Make up your mind to live a good life in spite and despite your circumstances. 

A Moment Became a Memory☕! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 13: The Body

One of the most challenging things is keeping to your new routine. It's so natural to fall back into comfortable patterns of behavior and thoughts that you've spent a lifetime cultivating.

You may need to enlist an accountability partner; someone who is not afraid to challenge you regarding your commitments and tell the truth.
Likewise;  it's important that you choose someone that you won't railroad or get angry with if they begin to question your inconsistencies.

It takes 21 days to create a new habit; for the mind and body to adjust to the new expectation.  Anything worth anything will be hard work so be prepared to walk the talk. 

By now you should have lost a couple of pounds if that was your goal, be midway through a book or training program and adjusted your eating habits; time and content.

There should be a daily schedule that you follow incorporating waking and bedtimes, exercise, eating and joy of course.

Share this 21 Day Make Over Blog with someone and become accountable to each other!


Day 12: Recap

Welcome to the second quarter of the year.  Let me ask you;  what have you accomplished in the first 3 months. Have you kept any of your resolutions? Has anything changed in your life for the better? It's time to plan for the next quarter.

Take some time today and commit pen to paper or text to PC. You now see how quickly the first 3 months went; we're now speeding into summer! University is out, school is almost over and the first long weekend of the summer (Victoria Day) is quickly approaching.

Your 21 Day Make Over is half way through;  how's it going?

Review the past 3 months today.

Only you can change your life!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 11: April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love the rain. Maybe because it's part of my name. Even as a child I remember playing in it.
One Mother's Day I bought myself a long yellow rain coat and rubber boots so I can be completely covered when I go for long walks in the rain. There's something about it; the soothing melodic tapping, drops on your face, big huge puddles to jump and stomp in and the smell of newness!
I especially love rainy nights; unlike those who stay inside under a blanket;  I go for a drive with a hot cup of tea beside me or I drive to the lake with a thermos full of steaming hot chocolate, a blanket and a good book under the stars. It's amazing to see the waves rushing and pounding the shore and banks while the thunderous rain splashes into the water, hmmmm.
I love April Showers
On this 21 Day Make-over, whatever Brings You Joy, if it's not illegal, immoral or fattening;  GO FOR IT!
My rain coat and boots in a puddle on a rainy night stroll....

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Great Breakfast Adventure

As part of my, Find Your Joy challenges,  this past winter I decided that, once a month, on the weekends I would seek out lovely breakfast restaurants to have a lovely early morning breakfast.

I love going for breakfast. It's a wonderful way to welcome in a new day. There's something about seeing the night turn into day; watching the sunrise over a hot cup of tea, bacon and eggs while per rousing over a great read (book, magazine, newspaper).

I love to people watch. There's a specific culture of people who do this early morning breakfast;  you'll see them if you go early enough. They are not always with someone else but if they are they're usually quiet both leaning back and reading,  they take their time to eat, I've never seen them on their cells, they stop often to look outside, they know the staff by name, they often leave before the breakfast crowd get there. 

Breakfast meals are relatively inexpensive and you can be health wise if you want by choosing nutritious options like oatmeal or fruit but what I live most is the adventure of finding new places!

A Few of My Favorite's:
🍳 Flips in Brampton
🍳 Angel's Diner in Georgetown
🍳 Cafe Plus in Mississauga
🍳 The Falls Inn Restaurant in Walters Falls
🍳 Emma's Back Door Brunch in Burlington
🍳 The Red Onion in Caledon
🍳 The Old Stone Inn in Niagara Falls

My breakfast pursuit involved finding mum and pop restaurants in neighborhoods, visiting quaint towns,  suburbs,  cities, etc. You know, the small 50 year old diners that they know the name of the patrons, ones with menus on chalkboards on the walls,  not so perfect decor, the greasy spoon, or lovely ones in the country by the water or in busy metropolises,  etc.

On this 21 Day Make Over enJOY your life.


Breakfast at Flips in Brampton! 

Day 7 & 8: Find Your Joy!

Part of this 21 Day Make Over is discovering who you are and, if no one has told ypu lately, you are AMAZING!

Finding your Joy is about doing things that bring personal joy to your life. Let me ask you; what do you like to do? When was the last time you really laughed? What's your favorite music? Movie?

If you're struggling with finding things you enJOY,  don't worry, that just means that you need to start paying attention to YOU! Stress or constant anxiety is said to be responsible for upto 85% of all illnesses. Creating a joy filled life is essential to your 21 Day Make-over because it is a key component to the good health of your body, mind, and spirit!

Take time to think of your favorite things to do and, like the Nike commercial, JUST DO IT!

Each day plan and schedule in JOY. This can be as simple as having your favorite treat, calling a good positive friend, going for a drive (my favorite), sending someone you love a lovely letter or card by mail just because, pay for someone's coffee behind you in the drive thru, etc.

Be intentional about your pursuit of  JOYFULNESS!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 6: Reflection Time

It's time to reflect on your 21 Day Make-over.  What is going well; what needs improvement?  If your goal is to loose weight, with a healthy meal plan and exercise you should have lost 1-3  pounds.

With the extra time you have daily due to limiting your T.V., social media and electronic devices, you should be partway through a book or learning program of your choice.

It's time to recalibrate and make plans for the next 7 days. Remember,  if you don't plan to succeed you plan to fail!

Be Blessed!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 5; The Spirit

Today I decided to add  a VLOG to the mix.
We are body, mind and spirit; we are holistic beings.
In this 21 Day Make Over,  take time to focus on your spiritual well-being. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 4: The Body

Choose a healthy meal plan that you will adhere to over the next few weeks. If your intent is to loose weight,  commit to a goal and record your current weight today.

I recommend a Daniel Diet; fruits, vegetables and grains; no dairy, sugar, preservatives,  or caffeine.  You can get the exact diet from the internet. Of course please consult with your doctor first.

According to Transform FX Fitness,
"Green vegetables and fruits are great foods with a wide variety of nutrients, especially nutrient dense dark green fruits and veggies. Green fruits and veggies contain calcium, dietary fiber, antioxidants and a variety of vitamins.

Dark green vegetables like kale, broccoli and spinach are all rich in calcium. Calcium is a vital nutrient for bone development and maintenance.

Dietary Fiber maintains a healthy digestive tract and supports bodily systems. Broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, kiwi, and pears are all dark green sources of dietary fibers."🍏

Over the next 21 days,  be green. Making this choice will significantly improve your health.

When grocery shopping during the 21 Day Make-over;  shop on the outside aisle around the perimeter of the store. Typically these aisles contain your meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables while the interior aisles contain your carbohydrates, non-perishable and preserved foods.

Also, don't forget to eat BEFORE you shop. This will prevent you from binge shopping.

Stay Green!


DAY 3: The Mind

I was very intentional about adding a Mind component in this 21 Day Make-over.  It's so important how and what we think about and since our mind controls our actions, a makeover that does not incorporate this area wouldn't be effective.

During this 21 Day Make Over expand  your mind. Take a course, attend a lecture, read a book about a topic that you are curious about. This can also include audio books, YouTube,  Ted Talks, etc.

I recommend:
1. Who Switched Off My Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf
2. Who Moved My Cheese by  Dr. Spencer Johnson
3. Ted Talk by Helen Fisher'- Love
4. Ted Talk or Book, The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Take some time away from your regular activities and spend time with you.

Give yourself 21 days to improve your mind.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 2: Creating Your New Routine; 21 Day Make-over

On DAY TWO its important to create your NEW routine.  This  will be your new daily schedule for 20 more days. It should include your new wake-up time if your current routine doesn't include morning exercise.

Meditation/ prayer time is also essential in the morning before you go out in your brave new world. This will help you to focus on your mindset for the rest of the day.

Food preparation time should also be considered since you will be preparing different meals at home as well as carrying  healthy snacks to avoid binging outside.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per day; women need an extra 20 minutes on top of that due to the fact that we multi-task daily and our brain requires more rest.

How much  sleep are you getting daily? If you are getting less than that range; you may need to look at adjusting your sleep schedule.  If you can't sleep for that long, consider adding quiet time before you go to bed,  to read,  meditate or an alternate relaxing activity; no TV or phone calls or social media.

Use your calendar to map out your 21 days.

Remember,  if you don't plan to succeed you plan to fail!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

21 Day Body, Mind and Spirit Make-over

Okay, Spring is officially here and, if you're like me, you've began to imagine warm summer nights, the smell of rain, long drives,  evenings by the lake and the sound of jazz music floating through the air.
I also began to think that the first quarter of the year is also done, seems like I was just singing Old Lang Syne; what have I accomplished so far? Hmmmm.
Have you ever wanted to make over your life? I mean truly change it. This is more than dropping a few pounds; it's about reinventing yourself;  body, mind and spirit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit; what habit would you like to create in your life?
Join me on my  21 Day Make Over; Body, Mind  and Spirit starting today,  March 22nd. No worries if you catch this late, you can start your 21 days at any time just go back to the start date of this Blog and follow along daily.
Why body, mind and spirit? Because they're all partners;  they work together. If you decide to lose weight, your body will have to cooperate by not putting the wrong thing in your mouth and your mind and spirit must be in agreement that this would be a good thing for you to do. This is a holistic change.
So here's the plan:
I. First, set a goal for what you commit to achieve in 21 days. There should be an individual goal for each area; body, mind and spirit. Write them down.
II.  Purchase all the items that you need to be successful according to your specific goals in each area. This may include food, books, C D'SOUZA, etc.The more organized you are your potential for success increases.
III.  Create a large calendar to plan, mark off each day as completed, make notes about successes and need to improve areas; place in a visible area such as your fridge. Try to focus on all of the positive accomplishments that you made each day.
This commitment is about healthy eating and exercise.  Whether you just make a decision to eat healthy or begin a specific regimen like a Daniel Diet;  be intentional about what goes in your mouth for 21 days. Do the research on good food plans and commit to it for 21 days.
On the physical side; commit to daily exercise. This can be done by walking, joining a club, taking dance lessons, hiring a personal trainer, etc.
Commit to intellectual enhancement. Fast from excessive social activities,  television and telecommunications.  With the time you save, invest in an online learning program, book or activity that will imcrease your knowledge in an area of interest.
Make a commitment to positive thinking and activities for 21 days. This may also involve weaning yourself from negative or stressful relationships.
Deepen your spiritual life. Commit to meditation,  reading, and praying daily. Read books, listen to music and watch movies with a spiritual content to improve your spiritual well-being.
Check in to this blog daily as we do this 21 Day Make Over to improve our lives together.
Also remember to purchase AWAKENING TO REINVENTION available April 2016.
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Be blessed!

Day 1 with my personal trainer Coach Everton McEwan of McEwan's Pro Street Gym. 
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Short Term Gain For Long Term Pain

Isn't it funny how we rationalize some decisions we make without thinking of the  long term impact? A quick or long thoughtful decision based on a current circumstance can result in long term pain. If only we could turn back the hands of time?

It could be a financial decision where we invested or did not invest in something, a decision at work or a relational issue regarding a spouse, child or family member.  Whatever it is, that short term gain has now netted long term pain.

It's even worse if we were told that the way we were going would result only in regret, pain and/or hardship. What makes us think that we're different, more invinsible, somehow not subject the laws of nature or even God?

Now here we are. We're beyond "I told you so" and lectures about "would have- could have- should have".  We wake with it,  go to bed with it; every TV program, conversation and bus advertisement seems to be about it and our thoughts are consumed with what we've done.

If we could just remove our head from our body just to not think about it.  We dream of the day when our thoughts are free from this negative thought obsession.  How do we get past it?  What's the solution?

It's so simple that it's difficult; FORGIVE OURSELVES!  Forgiving is hard though especially if someone was hurt by the decision  made; sitting in that self pity somehow feels justifiable for what has been done. 

Self forgiveness is a form of humilty. It admits that we're not perfect and we make mistakes. We are in great company;  David, Moses, Abraham, Paul, Peter, Sara, to name a few.

Self forgiveness allows us to be less judgemental of others; aware of our own fallibility and therefore we begin to see others through that lens.

Self forgiveness  takes away the self contempt and loathing that permiates a bad decision.

Finally, self forgiveness builds character after we pull ourself out of that pit and  know that we never want to be there again. We remember those dark days and nights; the immobility of depression, it is at that point that we commit to being a greater person.

We begin to make more thoughtful decisions. I call these decisions 360's. We begin to look at the whole scope and impact of our choices.  Decisions begin to be measured from a different perspective; less about us and more about  the consequences to others.

I believe that only through this process that we truly understand that short term gain  can equal long term pain if we do not consider the potential consequences.

Live on Purpose!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Follow Your GPS!

One day my daughter asked me to drop her off to a job interview in Scarborough.  I didn't know where it was so I used my GPS to get me there.  When I dropped her off I realized that I didn't know how to get home since I wasn't really paying attention to the street signs but rather,  I was turning left and right on command by my GPS.

I set it to go home. When I got to the hiway at I realized that I was fine and could make it home without the GPS. I decided to go to a shopping mall in another direction. One problem though,  I couldn't turn off my GPS when I got on the hiway.

The GPS  began to give me directions, "merge left, stay right, take the exit in 500 meters....". With every turn I made opposite to the instructions my GPS recalibrated to fix my error. I started getting mad, I wanted to go my own way but my GPS insisted on taking me home;  I tried desperately to turn it off but I needed to keep my eyes on the hiway.

When I reached the shopping mall and parked I was finally able to turn off the GPS,  I felt relieved. Afterwards I thought about how the GPS experience reminded me of our relationship with God; He has a direction for us to take  but sometimes we make plans to go another way.

As we go in our own plans He continually speaks to us, giving us the right directions  & as we make mistakes, He recalibrates to get us home in that still small voice. The next time that you use your GPS remember its God's Perfect Solution (GPS) for your life!

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Not Whether You Made The Right Decision But Whether You Will Make Your Decision Right

A friend was speaking  to me about a decision she made which she regretted. She was in a particular sad time of her life and she began to look at key areas that she believed would be much better if she hadn't made certain decisions; her relationship was one of them.

She reflecting and wishing to go back in time to 'right the wrong'.  She began to reflect on boyfriend's past, the joy of new love, romance and happiness. This was increasing her anxiety and making her even more frustrated with her current life; I see this quite often.

Issues about buying the wrong dress, choosing a different ice cream or even the wrong vacation destination are one thing but decisions that involve character and commitments are more troubling and should be distinguished.  Issues such as keeping  a relationship should be surveyed under a different lens.

What you need to remember is, at the time when making the decision, you surveyed all possible options, pros and cons,  and with everything you knew at the time you made the decision.  If the other option was a better opportunity at the time,  you would have chosen it.

Regret is a useless emotion, maybe even a dangerous one.  It freezes the love back in time, in a perfect setting. It forgets about the current family and friends in your life;  it devalues their involvement and commitment in your life journey and it presumes nothing has changed from the point of your reflection to your current circumstance.

Truthfully all you really have is what is present right now rather than a distant memory that no longer reflects the reality of the time that has past.

Rather than focusing on righting the wrong decision that was made, perhaps a new perspective can be used;  how to make the decision you made right. This will take character,  integrity, change and a renewed commitment.  You never know what will happen if you begin to treat your loved one as if they were the best decision you ever made!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Time to Put on Your Big Girl Panties

In Judges Chapter 6 we are introduced to a man named Gideon.  He was the son of of Joash and he was threshing wheat in a wine press hiding from the Midianites. The Midianites  and the Amalekites were enemies of Isreal. They would relentlessly follow Isreal and desicrate the land of Isreal leaving nothing left for their profit or gain.

One day as Gideon was threshing the Angel of the Lord met him in his hiding place and called him a Mighty Man of Valour. He told him to go forward, no longer hide and fight the enemy. Gideon responded by saying, "How? My family is the weakest and I  am the least of my family". The Lord then instructed him to go and He would go with him. Gideon was  still terrified, a mere conversation would not release him from a lifetime of fear.

The angel then gave him a specific task, a tough one; knock down the god idol (small g) that his father Joash had erected and build a new one. What? Bad enough to have the Midianites on your back but to set up your own dad to hate you? Forget about the fact that his dad and Isreal were insulting the God they said they were serving by having the idols. Did God want Gideon to be the bad guy amongst his own people? He mustered all of his internal strength and, under the cloak of darkness, did the grizzly deed and faced the music in the morning when the camp woke up to find their false idol smashed to the ground.

I LOVE GIDEON, HE'S SO REAL!  Insecure, afraid, uncertain but there came a point in his life were he had to move beyond himself and do something so out of character and use a trait he was completely unfamiliar with; courage.  Courage is a muscle that has to be built over time and circumstance; its action in the presence of fear. 

Why did God ask him to knock down his father's  Idol in the middle of his own camp? I believe that the fear of others and what they might think is the greatest fear we as humans have and that's why we conform to alot of things from fashion, to where we live, work, say and what we do. God needed Gideon to be courageous and address the issues and fears at home before he could have him conquer  issues outside. He needed to be uncompromising, obedient and fearless.

Sometimes it's easier to confront a stranger than a parent or a friend. Have you been challenged lately to move beyond your comfort zone and act courageously with issues at home, work, and/or with family and friends?  The issues could be about your beliefs, fairness, equity,  not compromising or just voicing your opinion that differs from everybody elses; why is this happening?

You are being pushed  to another level beyond  the limitations you put on yourself; you are finding your voice.

The absence of conflict does not equal peace. Bowing down and smiling doesn't always work; people don't always play fair. Do what is right and stand tall, you're growing. 

Knocking down his father's Idol was a trite task compared to the great exploits that God had planned for Gideon to do. Gideon met the challenges and was referenced to as a mighty man of valour in the Bible and throughout history; his end was far greater than his beginning.

This courageous step that you are about to do is just the beginning....now go put on you're big girl panties and get moving.