Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Room With A View

A good friend of mine had a lovely picture window in her Condo. It was large and looked out to a beautiful wooded area and ravine. Often I sat by that window, looking out at the serenity of nature.

When she told me that she planned to move, I immediately thought of that window. She would loose that beautiful view and the beaming sunlight that shone through that window in the morning.

Would she ever find that again?

We took a drive to her new condo. As the door opened I saw not one window but wall to wall windows over looking a beautiful park and woods with a river running through it!  Not a building in sight.

Every window through out her new condo embraced nature, abundantly.

Not just one.

Immediately, I got a life lesson. There is a saying that, "The problem with change is that people often overestimate what they have and underestimate what they may gain by changing".


I was so enthralled by the window in her other condo that I never imagined that another view could be tremendously better, by far.


What are you looking at in your life right now that you're  afraid of changing? If you stay where you are you'll never know what greatness was on store for you just by jumping and trusting your parachute!

Live on Purpose!

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Royal Wedding..You Go Meagan!

~Happy Monday~
"A connection or series of connections linking two or more things."
The continued evolution of  Monarchy ideals established for hundreds of years has come to this inevitable nexus.
This engagement of Prince Harry and Meagan marks a new era.
It represents interacial union, re-marriage after divorce, as well as an older woman marrying a younger man and just plain joy about a possible 'happily ever after'!
As I have had opportunity to discuss the upcoming nuptuals with various women, the excitement is palpable.
As women, during this time an era, we have boundless opportunities, If we see them. Self-awareness of our giftings, strengths, courage and worth can allow us to live full, exiting lives.
I'm sure, at the point of Megan's divorce, she never dreamt that she would meet and become engaged to Prince Harry. Her commitment to her life's passion and moving forward placed her on a journey toward her unexpected future.
As we share in the joy in others life's, let's be committed to also making joy moments in our own too. Embrace your Life!
You go Meagan!
Live on Purpose!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Get Ready For Spring!


Getting Ready for Spring; Body, Mind and Spirit is here!

Get organized.

Purchase a calendar  or print a March 2018 Calendar; write your Body, Mind and Spirit Goal on March 21st (1st day of Spring), set your goals and targets.

1. Purchase the required food that you will need for 3-5 days.

Be kind to yourself.

A Daniel Diet (no meat, fish, starches, sugar, or wheat, etc.)after you've been eating like Fred Flinstone 🍖may be too much at once.

Begin gradually by omitting certain foods off your menu daily, not returning them,  add in good, healthy foods that you like🥑

Prepare your menu.

Purchase recommended vitamins for your body, hair, nails and skin; set them where you will remember to take them daily.

2. Schedule a Physical with your doctor or naturopath if you have not had one in over a year.

Commit  the days and times that you will be exercising. make it fun...

Don't forget to have your healthy snack prepared so that you don't binge eat when you're done.

3. BELIEVE! Meditate each morning on good things, see yourself achieving your goal for that day!

Plan what will be your reward at the end of the day (joy).

Journal what you are thankful for everyday!

4. Feed your Mind and Spirit! Edit out routines and television programs that are not positive, add inspirational ones.

5. Finally, get to bed on time for the next 21 days; women need 8-10 hours a night.

Set up a relaxing night time routine; candle/dim light, soft music or read a book, aromatherapy- lavender or vanilla or listen to a motivational talk...


Live on Purpose!