Monday, April 16, 2018

Expect Unexpected Storms!

Just about every year in early Spring we have an 'unexpected' winter storm. We say things like, "I can't believe it's Spring and we have snow again...I just put away all of my winter was really nice a few days ago...I thought winter was over".

It happens every year.

The previous Ice Storm on December 22nd, 2013 taught 10 life changing lessons:

1. Although we assumed that the older trees could withstand the storm, they had the most difficulty. Because their limbs were not as flexible as the younger trees, they broke under the weight of the ice and snow.

Longevity does not always equal strength.

2. Electricity and gas was cut off, people became immobilized; unable to work, go to school or attend to everyday business.

If you don't Take Time, life will Make time.

3. Some loss could not be repaired. Trees were cut down, buildings demolished and, tragically, some people even lost their lives.

You never truly appreciate what you have until it's gone.

4. It took time to replant and rebuild. Some neighbourhoods looked barren without their trees. It would take seasons before things would be the same again.

Accepting change is sometimes hard.

5.  Roads and neighbourhoods  were blocked in for days because we didn't have the resources or manpower to manage the disaster. 

Preparation is the key to success.

6. Family, friends and neighbours got together to share their homes, food and resources. Strangers helped one another to move cars on roadways.

Family, friends and even strangers will be with you in times of trouble.

7. While the storm was raging, the trees sparkled like ornaments on a Christmas tree as the sunlight poured on them.

There is still beauty in the midst of the storm.

8. The cities were able to plant new hardier trees which can withstand storms. Crisis management protocols were established, methods of communication were enhanced, families began to prepare for potential disasters by purchasing flashlights, storing non-perishable food items and planning ahead.

Crisis can stimulate knowledge and progress.

9. Multiple millions were spent to replant trees, fix buildings and remove debris. Plant nurseries as well as small and large contractors  of various sectors were employed to rectify the results of the storm. Commercial industries made millions of dollars.

There is opportunity in a crisis.

10. After the storm, spring bulbs under the earth sprung up, gardens flourished and summer came. Beaches and parks filled with people walking, barbecuing and having picnics under the sun and stars.

There is life after the storm.

Life is full of ups and downs, it's never a straight line. The tough times create  preparedness, necessary change, knowledge, opportunity, kindness,  thankfullness and appreciation.

There is purpose in every storm.

Live on Purpose!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The iconic 1995 movie called Friday staring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and John Witherspoon coined the phrase, "BYE, FELICIA". Just hearing this, you can imagine someone holding up their hand, saying it and walking away. A friend  introduced me to this phrase and I get it!

Although I don't agree with the profanity in this movie co- written by Ice Cube, I  know where he was coming from.

Aren't you tired of the Crazy?

Crazy people doing Crazy things, and, if that's not bad enough, the part that gets me is that they expect you to go along with the Crazy too, or what? They'll get upset?

Oh, please.

In my book, Awakening to Reinvention, I write about the abnormal becoming the normal; if you do something wrong long enough it seems okay.

How do you define Crazy? Living on the edge when they can't fly, doing what they shouldn't do, and saying what they shouldn't say.


Along with the 'Me Too' movement is now,  'NOT ME!'

Mind numbing conversations, Not Me!

Predictable,  unpredictable behaviour, Not Me!

Irrational thinking, Not Me!


I'm speaking on behalf of everyone who has a Felicia in their life; Felicia you have 60 days notice to vacate.

I take that back, you've got to go now,  and by the way, leave my stuff!

You see, you have less time ahead of you than behind so pass on the Crazy. You don't have time to waste.

This is not about tearing anyone down, it's about building yourself up.



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

You Are The Author of Your Life!

What story are you telling about your life right now? Is it a good or bad one? Does your story involve a sense of helplessness, powerless or foreboding?

When you sit down with family or a friend, what is the main essence of your conversation after all of the small talk?

I like to think of our lives as a story in a movie, are you the main actor or the supporting cast? Is there a main actor who is staring in your movie; child, boss, friend, spouse, etc. Do they have all of the major scenes?

Its time to change your story if you don't like it.

You are the author of your life, the main actor, the one who gets paid top dollar, the fancy green room and the specially catered food.

I challenge you to take some time to re-write YOUR story.

You don't have time, you're too busy.

No worries, your life will go on WITHOUT YOU.

Don't forget those main actors in your life still have some dramatic scenes to play out. As the supporting cast in your life,  you will be given a few lines to respond, hopefully you won't get written out.



Take all of the circumstances that you don't like in your life story and write them from a positive perspective; what you've learned, what you are going to do to fix it, what you will say,  what your future will be like, how good you feel and look.

Don't settle.

Begin to believe it, own your new story now, embrace it!

Live on Purpose!