Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Is a Test of The Emergency Broadcast System

Happy Monday!
Doesn't it just bug you when you're watching a perfectly good program on T.V.  and the Emergency Broadcast System signal interrupts without warning?
Brother, just as you were watching your favorite show! You can't even turn the channel, it stops everything and you're forced to watch and listen to what to do 'if this was a real emergency'. Then comes that annoying tone that drones on for an  eternity; relentless.
What a relief when it stops and you can go back to watching your show...
Isn't life like that. You go along life nice and easy and then someone or something 'interrupts' it causing some type of issue that you didn't plan for or expect,  just when you wanted to go on living with no (more) problems.
Like that alarm warning on the T.V., 'interruptions' are a test of your emergency response system. It makes you stop. It makes you think. It makes you plan. It makes you act. These life tests create a pause in the flow of your life, allow you to reflect and then make decisions which will change your life.
Truthfully life is not a straight line but a series of ups and downs. You can't change the channel when issues arise. These ups and downs build two essential life muscles, strength and resiliency even though you didn't know that was happening during your crisis.
At the end, you're like superman, all buffed and shiny. When people have problems and you soar through the skies to come to their rescue, they wonder how you can be so strong, wise and calm. With hands on your hips, cape flying in the wind, muscled legs firmly apart, lips parted with a smile as a sparkle reflects off your teeth;  you can help because you've been there, done that!
Every interruption is a test, a test of who you are; your character, your integrity, your je ne sais quoi!
So the next time your interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System just chuckle and think of Your life, you're going to make it!
This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.....
Live On Purpose!

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Perfectly Imperfect Life!

Happy Monday!
Happy First Day of Spring🌷

I give up! So tired of trying to make imperfect matters of life look perfect. There's nothing like the disappointments and difficult times in life to pull you off the airy fairy pedestal down to ground level....maybe even the basement.

When you're down there in the basement  looking up you begin to realize that there's a lot of people down there...

It's part of life's practicum.

That's where you learn a lot about yourself and others; the good, bad and the ugly. You learn about love, resiliency, what makes you afraid, people who support you and just how strong you really are...

The key is not to stay in the basement  too long. You don't want  to get too comfortable, start setting up house; buying a new rug and stacking the fridge.

We ALL live imperfect matter what it looks like on the outside. Everyone of us has made mistakes, doesn't like something about ourselves, wish we had done things differently or not where we'd like to be....

Importantly, make those difficult times and disappointments your platform for a greater life. Rather than becoming dissolutioned become illusioned about what those experiences have taught you; how you will become greater AS A RESULT of it, not in spite of it.

Your Perfectly Imperfect Life is what makes you real and even great if you use those experiences to create strength in yourself and invest it in others when they are weak.

Begin to embrace your Perfectly Imperfect Life, make the necessary changes, forgive yourself and others but commit to loving hard along the journey starting with yourself!

Love your Perfectly Imperfect Life.

There's 92 Days before Summer!

Live On Purpose!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Picnic Basket

Happy Monday!
A couple years ago I started carrying a picnic basket on my back seat...not just in the summer but year round.
I love to pack it and go for drives or just sit by the lake with a nice treat, Thermos, lantern; day or evening.
There's something special about packing a basket. It forces you to take time for you or you and someone else
Now, I know we have winter BUT have you ever driven your car and parked by the water on a windy, rainy or wintery day?
Try it. Bring a warm blanket, a Thermos of your favorite hot beverage, wrap yourself up, roll down your window and's amazing especially at night! Water crashing against the rocks and spraying  into the air!
I did this with a friend recently and she was in awe! So relaxing and exciting all at the same time.
About 4 years now I've started, "Dinner by the Lake" in the summer.  I pack a picnic and have Dinner by the Lake until it's dark. We sit under the stars with only lamp light and.......mosquito repellent of course
I've done this on the beach too. It's magnificent to look up to the stars late at night while you toes are caressing the sand on a warm summer night!
I guess what I'm saying is....Find Your Joy! For me it's my basket? For you its.....
Life is about creating moments of joy to appreciate life. These Joy  moments serve as wonderful reflection opportunities when you're going through challenging times.
Life's too short...
Live On Purpose!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life Lesson From The Garden ; Sometimes Weeds Look Like Beautiful Trees and Plants

Happy Monday!
As we are approaching Spring, yes Spring, my mind turns towards the garden...
Have you ever noticed that some weeds look just like great plants. They are vibrant, strong and sometimes even beautiful. It can be hard to discern which is which at times.
An avid gardener is able to tell quickly though. They waste no time plucking them out by the roots in fear that the weed will spread and infect the garden or use up the good nutrients in the soil so that good flowers have a harder time prospering. Avid gardeners don't get melancholy about the weeds beauty, they just do what needs to be done for the greater good.
Weeds can be likened to toxic relationships; they appear to be vibrant and strong but if kept, like the weed, they can destroy your prosperity by draining your time, energy and positive disposition.
You are known by your friendships. Is there someone in your circle that comes to mind right now, who affects you in a negative way? When you think of them, is your first thought critical or uneasy? Has their influence added challenges to your life? If yes, ask God to gently move them out of your life without a fight, argument or disagreement, just in love and peace.
People are in our lives for a reason, season or lifetime; choose them carefully, they can affect  how beautiful your garden grows!
It's almost Spring....Live On Purpose!