Monday, March 12, 2018

The Royal Wedding..You Go Meagan!

~Happy Monday~
"A connection or series of connections linking two or more things."
The continued evolution of  Monarchy ideals established for hundreds of years has come to this inevitable nexus.
This engagement of Prince Harry and Meagan marks a new era.
It represents interacial union, re-marriage after divorce, as well as an older woman marrying a younger man and just plain joy about a possible 'happily ever after'!
As I have had opportunity to discuss the upcoming nuptuals with various women, the excitement is palpable.
As women, during this time an era, we have boundless opportunities, If we see them. Self-awareness of our giftings, strengths, courage and worth can allow us to live full, exiting lives.
I'm sure, at the point of Megan's divorce, she never dreamt that she would meet and become engaged to Prince Harry. Her commitment to her life's passion and moving forward placed her on a journey toward her unexpected future.
As we share in the joy in others life's, let's be committed to also making joy moments in our own too. Embrace your Life!
You go Meagan!
Live on Purpose!

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